Laura Madalinski

Laura Madalinski

Director's Statement

Ever since I was small, I've looked to films to help me define myself and my place in this world. Thankfully, as I've gotten older, there have been a growing number of brilliant characters whose stories inspired me, validated my experience, and made me feel less alone. 

However, there was a time about five years ago when I felt lost. I needed guidance, reassurance, and so I turned to my trusted medium, but what I found was a painful silence. 

In response to that silence, my partner Kelly Haas and I wrote 2 in the Bush: A Love Story.

This film is for the queer community, for the sex worker community, and for the polyamorous and non-monogamous communities because we need, and deserve, love stories. 

The story of Emily, an aspiring documentarian who finds herself by falling in love with dominatrix Nikki and her artist boyfriend Ben, is a heartfelt gift to anyone who has struggled to discover themselves while entangled in a love they don't yet understand. 

I hope that audiences connect with the characters, their motivations, their choices, because only through understanding each other do we make lasting and effective change.

As my grandmother would say, this film was "born under a lucky star." How else would you explain that we were able to make it with less than $50k and only 10 days of shooting? How else would you explain the small army of incredibly talented cast and crew members who came together and dedicated themselves to it's creation? It is nothing short of inspiring, and I will always be grateful for their efforts. 

I am proud that over 75% of our cast and crew were women, LGTBQ+, and/or POC. 

In closing, I hope this film does for someone else, what so many films have done for me. I hope that it echoes their experience, that it gives them hope for their own happy ending, and that it makes them feel less alone in the world.