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“Two in the Bush: A Love Story” is now “2 in the Bush: A Love Story”!


Judith Greenaway - Sydney Arts Guide

“Two in the Bush: A Love Story is a fun and entertaining independent feature with clever messaging about love and the forms it can take and a discreetly expressed agenda of acceptance.”

Danielle Solzman - Solzy at the Movies

While the concept is all too often lost in love stories on screen, Two in the Bush: A Love Story puts the polyamorous relationship front and center.”

Jason Coleman - Why So Blu?

“Going beyond merely being modern in the area of love and courtship, Two In The Bush makes enlightened simply enchanting.”

Rachel Brook - One Room With A View

“This sensitive and restrained portrait of a polyamorous relationship is admirable for giving more attention to Emily's journey as an individual than her place in romantic unions.”

Don Shanahan - Every Movie Has a Lesson

“With proud maturity and still plenty of passion, Two in the Bush presents an honest tale of such a three-wheeled romance.”

Becky Kukla - Film Inquiry

Two in the Bush mixes comedy with deeply emotional moments. The result is highly relatable content which one can identify with whilst laughing at how ridiculous humans can be, specifically when dealing with love.”

Victoria B - Lesflicks

“This may just be the first bi-poly sex dungeon rom-com.”


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